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Long Pond

Long Pond is highly dynamic and is usually full of water, which is brackish due to waves breaking over the beach berm that separates it from the sea. However, several times a year after heavy rain the berm is breached and the pond empties into the sea exposing its muddy bottom.


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Long Pond is a coastal lagoon on the East Coast of the island. Long Pond is fed by the Bruce Vale and Walkers Rivers which are the 2nd and 3rd largest watersheds in the island. The area has several significant and unique habitats such as a sand dune system, mangroves, a marshy wooded area and the pond itself. The area, located in the parish of St. Andrew, is bordered by Walker’s Reserve to the North, Belleplaine to the West and by private lands to the South.


Natural resources

The pond includes a variety of aquatic habitats, such as the open muddy/sandy bottom main area, flooded marginal grassy areas, and vegetation covered banks with holes and undercuts. Some areas are overhung by extensive vegetation. These habitats are inhabited by several species of fishes, crabs, and shrimps. The area is frequented by many resident and migratory water birds. The beach is a key nesting area for leatherback sea turtles.

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Activities and community

Long Pond is threatened by several abuses and is in need of conservation. Although it is located within the National Park and has been identified as a Conservation Area, little has happened to mobilize the funds for this type of effort. This unique habitat is one of the few areas remaining in Barbados where one can go and be entirely out of sight and sound of human activity. It has the potential to be an area of spiritual renewal and refreshment for visitors and locals alike. At the same time the unique habitats and ecology of the site make it a priority for conservation. It also could serve as a place where Barbadians and visitors can go to enjoy and learn about nature.


"Save a Piece of the Rock"

Help preserve one of the few wild areas left in Barbados. It is our flagship project. Help us ‘Save a piece of the Rock’. The Long Pond lagoon and associated dune, grassland and woodland habitats are home to many species of fishes, crustaceans and especially migratory birds. It is subject to a variety of abuses that threaten these resources.

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