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Hackletons' Cliff & Woodland

The panoramic view from atop the cliff sweeps from Pico Teneriffe to Bath, almost the entire area of the National Park. One also looks down on the expanse of undercliff forest which has been proposed as a National Forest Candidate site. Several paths up and down the cliff are popular with hikers.




This area refers to the escarpment in the parishes of St. John and St. Joseph, that forms the boundary of the Scotland District and thus the National Park. There is one main spring that comes out of the North Eastern corner of the area, close to St. Elizabeth Primary School.  This great limestone cliff is situated at the highest elevation of the island, from St. John’s Church in the south at 800 ft to Castle Grant in St. Joseph at 1,110 ft.  


Natural resources

Mahogany trees, giant bearded fig trees, original fragrant grapefruit. This is paradise for any plant lover.




Activities and community

Hackleton’s Cliff has five major trails: Malvern Cutting, Edgehill’s pipeline, the Ladders and Monkey Jump. The Gate was the one taken by the funeral processions up to St. John’s Church. The wooded area is being encroached upon mainly from the Eastern side where sections have been cleared for agriculture.


What is next?

Establish a zone of natural activities 

Hiking in Forest
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