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Joe's River & Watershed

This is Barbados' only permanent stream, which also has its most popular waterfall. The new footbridge along the old train line affords an excellent view of the stream from above.




Joe's River is in the eastern parish of St. Joseph. It originates in the uplands of Chimborazo (one of the highest points on the island), runs through Frizer’s Valley and enters the sea just below Edgewater Hotel between Cattlewash and Soup Bowl beaches. The watershed consists of eighty-five (85) acres of woodlands, hills and gullies and is mostly forested. It has had many name changes over the years, one of them was ‘Streamlet” but was then named after a previous owner, Joseph Thorne.


Natural resources

Joe’s River is known for its large crayfish and eels.




Activities and community

Joe’s River has been recently made accessible to the public with the rehabilitation of a bridge that was once part of the historic railway line between 1883 and 1937. The Barbados Railway carried cargo and passengers and used to connect the East Coast of Barbados to Bridgetown. The renovated Joes River Bridge spans 70 feet over Joes River and connects Bathsheba and Cattlewash, creating a much needed pedestrian access for the area.


What is next?

Over the years there has been some degradation caused by construction, pollution and clearing. Upland farming and grazing operations have also reduced water flows and caused some pollution. A watershed management plan is therefore needed for this area to protect this precious resource.

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