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Green Pond

This small river fed lagoon set among dunes and dry scrub hills of the East Coast gives one the feeling of being on a different island. Also privately owned, Green Pond and environs are at risk of development.




Green Pond, located in the northern parish of St. Andrew is situated near to Morgan Lewis Beach and northwest of Walkers Beach on the East coast of Barbados placing it within the National Park.

Photo taken by Michele Johnson


Natural resources

Green Pond is the estuary of the Green River and is one of the four major natural coastal wetlands in Barbados. Although small, wetlands such as these are home to species not found anywhere else on the island.



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What is next?

The University of the West Indies has done a series of spatial studies on Long Pond and Green Pond and the dune system between them and suggests that this area should be considered a whole conservation area rather than separate.

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