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Chancery Lane Swamp

This wetland has been cited as a Birdlife International Important Bird Area (IBA). Privately owned it is at risk of development.


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Chancery Lane Wetland is situated on the south east coast of the island adjacent to Long Beach. This seasonal wetland is an irregular mosaic of shallow water, mudflats and grassy areas. It is 3.2 hectares (8 acres) in extent and is bounded to seaward by a dune system and beach and landward by a pasture and a cliff. Both the wetland and the dune system should be protected. The swamp dries out in the dry season and fills up in the wet season. In longer drought periods it can become totally dry. It is plagued by illegal dumping and off-road vehicle abuse on the mudflats.


Natural resources

The Chancery Lane wetland is an important area for waders such as sandpipers, lesser and greater yellow legs and plovers and serves as a refuge for migrant and vagrant waders and a critical feeding area for little egrets. It is the only area in Barbados where the button mangrove can be found.

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Activities and community

Chancery Lane is also one of the most important archeological sites in Barbados. It is one of the main sites of excavations that showed burial sites and other findings such as pottery shards and other tools that date back to A.D. 100.


Present situation

In 2004/5 the owner of the property tried to develop it as a hotel, condo, resort, however the community opposed it, and the development was shelved. In 2016 it was proposed to RAMSAR as a site for consideration. As a part of the Planning Department’s 2023 Amendment to the Physical Development Plan, this area has been proposed as a Natural Heritage Conservation Area. While this would allow for the protection of the wetland and the establishment of a buffer from development around it, it has not been formally designated by Parliament and there is no management of the area.

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