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Save a piece of the rock

Our first operation to preserve the ecosystems of Barbados is called "Save a piece of the Rock". Its aim is to acquire enough funds to buy the land whenever necessary. The first area where TLC Barbados is looking to acquire land is Long Pond.

The Land Conservancy (TLC) Barbados aims to restore and conserve the natural heritage of the Long Pond area, an ecologically unique and beautiful coastal system of wetlands, woodlands, grasslands, and dunes in the Parish of St. Andrew, Barbados. Long Pond is one of the few ‘wild’ areas left in Barbados.

TLC will approach this by acquiring the lands in need of restoration and conservation and establishing a conservation area to protect them. TLC is a not-for-profit organization registered and based in Barbados. The area will be managed according to the best available practices for protected areas, including the preparation, implementation and review of development and management plans. Financial sustainability of the conservation area(s) will be approached through promotion of appropriate and compatible revenue generating uses.

In developing these uses, TLC will seek to ensure that:

  • Adjacent communities are the primary beneficiaries of the initiative

  • The natural heritage can be enjoyed in a sustainable way, by all Barbadians

  • Opportunities for research and learning are optimized for schools, tertiary institutions and the public at large.


You can donate in several ways:

  • Join and pay the membership fee

  • Donate to the general operation of TLC

  • Donate expressly for land acquisition


Funds donated for land acquisition will be used for no other purpose, subject to a 10% operational overhead for donations less than BDS$50,000, and 5% for donations over that amount.

For more information see or flyer, brief and concept paper below.

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